Creative and Embodied Journeys
Consciously moving through life…

Hello! I'm Angie, a passionate advocate for freedom and a creative embodied counsellor.

I specialise in working with both men and women in online spaces, particularly connecting with fellow creatives and freedom-seeking individuals who are bravely dreaming of living life on their own terms.

Creating a life true to YOU!

Guiding you toward deeper levels of self-compassion and self-love is really my forte, and I bring a distinctive and contemporary approach to therapy that embraces self-love and compassion for your entire being.

I believe that when you care for yourself profoundly and embrace all facets of yourself, both shadow and light, true freedom emerges.

Freedom to be yourself. Freedom to express, to assert boundaries, and to make choices in harmony with your soul’s calling. Ultimately, freedom to live a fully expressed life.

“When you meet yourself with kindness and love, your inner and outer life will shift in tremendous ways. This growth holds so much potential for our collective future” – Angie

You might hear a lot about the importance of
self-love. I know I do...

I also notice that a lot of it involves chat about bubble baths, chocolates, and wine…

Now, I’m not knocking those things!

However, these things, without inner introspection, might serve as temporary distractions.

You might not have arrived here with the immediate intent to explore
self-love. But here’s an intriguing consideration…

If you’re struggling with
self-confidence, unsure of pivotal life choices, feeling stuck in creative endeavors, experiencing stagnation in achieving dreams, hesitant to assert yourself at work, or trapped in an unfulfilling cycle of self-imposed success… Could self-love or
self-kindness be the core challenge?

The moment you pivot your inner relationship with yourself, remarkable transformations unfold.

About Angie

I believe in and strive for a world where emotionally mature men and women are deeply and lovingly connected to themselves…


Here we walk the wild path to self-love,
self-care, and
self-expression. Exploring your inner and outer world with care and compassion…

If you're curious and want to find out more...let's connect!

As I journey with you as your support and guide, soul friend, and fellow journeyer, we will open the gateway to explore and nurture deeper
self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-love.

Turning to your own inner wisdom, feeling the feelings, acknowledging and sensitively letting go of past wounds and mindsets. Clearing the way for true freedom with love at the heart.

“You are worthy . You are deserving of your own care, and attention. In fact, you are AMAZING. I can’t wait for you to see that too!” – Angie

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Working with Angie is one of my best life decisions. Angie allowed me to learn about who I was and what was important for me to move on with my life. She is thoughtful, sensitive and challenging (at the times I needed it!).

Having never taken any form of counselling before I was a little apprehensive when I first sat down with Angie but I need not have worried. She quickly put me at my ease and I was soon unburdening myself like we had been friends for years

Paul L

I can’t thank Angie enough for giving me the tools to move on from the problems of past and continue to improve my life now and into the future.



I looked forward to every single session, and as each week went by, I got stronger, more confident, happier and more content with my life. If you are thinking you might benefit from counselling, do it now, and book an appointment with Angie. She saved my life!